You are unique, your property is unique, and your needs are unique…so why do most realtors tend to treat everyone the same way? Same service, same price…it’s insanity!

We’re changing all that and putting YOU in the driver’s seat, with a simple, straight-forward approach.


WHAT IF You could design or select a service package that meets your needs, instead of the same old rubber stamp approach?

WHAT IF that included listing the property, helping you sell the property, buying the property from you, or anything in between?  

WHAT IF You could spin the table and tell an agent what you want and what you’ll pay?

WHAT IF You could do all this in less than five minutes?

WHAT IF You could do all this and never have to interview agents?

WHAT IF that was available to you right now at no cost or obligation?


1. You create the offer by answering 5 simple questions about what you want.

2. We submit your offer through our network of highly qualified agents (they can’t pay to be in our network)

3. You get a highly qualified agent that agrees to your terms.

4. You meet an agent who has already agreed to your terms and sign a contract with that agent which includes a provision that if ever you’re unsatisfied, you can cancel the contract with no obligation.

5. YOU CAN’T LOSE…you dictated the terms, you have someone under contract that says they will deliver, and if they don’t…you can fire them.

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